start your own cafe

With over 30 locations and growing, we invite you to start your own cafe business with Perth, Western Australia's only privately owned + operated coffee franchise business.

If you have a passion for coffee, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to build a successful business and enjoy working with others, we invite you to explore an opportunity to join our Caffissimo Cafe revolution! 



Why a caffissimo coffee franchise?

Caffissimo take great pride in offering franchisees the opportunity to start your own cafe business whilst being highly supported, with hands on training in Perth, the assurance of providing a quality product, using a proven success framework in the best cafe locations around Perth, Western Australia.


Why we are a successful franchise:

  • 26 Years on continuous successful operation right here in Perth

  • Multiple award winning coffee blends, continuous silver medals since 2006 and also a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place all in the World’s Biggest Coffee Competition, the most successful coffee brand in Australia.

  • Located right here in Perth to give the Franchisees the best of support and service.

  • On the road fully qualified support team, with regular frequent visits. Jesse Wearne is our coffee expert, he has apart from a short break worked for us for 15 years.  Hayley Barnett has a wealth of expertise in all areas food and coffee and their passion helps us to maintain our standards throughout the group Hayley has also been with us for 12 years and knows every facet of running café, these are real people and not offering online support but are at the end of the phone for day to day problems that we all experience in café life.

  • No Marketing fund – typically this can be charged at anything from 3-4%

  • Phase in Royalty Fee to 6%

  • No legal judgments in all our years of operation 26 years, multiple franchisees.

    No requirement to buy any products other than products unique to our system, being all the ‘Branded Items’ and the multiple winning coffee and teas.

  • No suppliers rebates taken. We negotiate the best price for you and you get the full benefit of it.

  • Ability for you to choose your suppliers, from which will negotiate for you the best prices.

  • No Fitout rebates- you can choose your shopfitter

  • No Plant and equipment rebates- you can choose your suppliers.

  • No rebates from other service providers, again you choose.

  • You go on the lease giving you the security of your investment.

  • No standard menus, we can consult or provide a full menu or you can choose and develop your own

  • Your suppliers will fulfil your menu requirements.

  • Local demographics benefit these choices to maximise your sales

What do ‘I’ get for my Royalty?

  • A recognized and trusted brand.

  • Opportunity to apply your entrepreneurial skills and motivation.

  • Owning your own business with the full backing and support of a successful organization.

  • Help and assistance with marketing strategies.

  • Local marketing assistance for selected products.

  • Systems and procedure that have proven to be successful.

  • Ongoing research and development of new products.

  • Training from an experienced and knowledgeable team.

  • Ongoing support from professionals with a vested interest the success of your business.

  • Opportunity to run your own business.

  • Ability to build a valuable and saleable asset.

  • A simple and effective business format designed to make you successful.

  • Prime store locations.

  • Industry leading shop designs ensuring efficient functionality and maximized productivity.

  • Member of a vibrant and exciting industry.

  • Multiple Award winning coffee blends, continuous silver medals since 2006 and also a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the World’s Biggest Coffee Competition the most successful coffee brand in Australia.



Cafe franchises for sale

Current Caffissimo coffee businesses for sale throughout Perth, Western Australia.


Click below to view our latest coffee franchise opportunities available CBD, north of Perth, south of Perth and east of Perth.