About US


About Caffissimo

Established by Mike and Wendy Barr in 2002- from a single location in West Perth- Mike and Wendy have been in business in Perth for 30 years always in retail and prior to that in England and again always in retail. Our extensive knowledge of running a business is paramount to running a franchise group. Our ethos is - we like to treat people (franchisees) the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Why choose us?

Caffissimo is highly unique, in that, it is a specialty coffee franchise which is privately-held, and purely WA owned.

Unlike it's global and national chain counterparts, Caffissimo is run by a husband and wife team, who collectively have 60 years experience, and a proven track record of building retail & hospitality businesses into success stories.

Because Caffissimo is smaller and privately owned and only operates throughout Western Australia, it affords advantages unmatched by other franchise chains, including:

  • Local market knowledge: A product offering tailored to match the needs of the WA market
  • Due to our smaller size, and owner/operator setup, we can swiftly adapt to market conditions
  • Hand-picked and strategically negotiated prime cafe locations
  • Large cafe retail spaces (very few kiosks)
  • 24 / 7 Support available directly from the owners
  • We support innovation: we do not believe that one cookie cutter solution serves all, and we encourage owners to think outside the box, to provide an offering that best suits their market, eg some have liquor licences.

We are also proud to have / be:

  • Award-winning coffee, which has won a slew of gold, silver and bronze awards, over the past 10 years at the leading global coffee awards - The Golden Bean Awards.
  • Proven results; a chain of 30+ cafes and growing, proving our franchise system is successful.
  • A centralised marketing communications system; where owners can access and print their own marketing materials as needed. 
  • An evolving brand, which we are constantly maintaining and tweaking to adapt to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.
  • A sophisticated buyer Eg. some of franchisees have liquor licences.
  • A broad menu, where we encourage our franchisees to be originality in food creation
  • Constantly exploring new ways to cost effectively increase sales for our franchisees

We are looking for unique individuals to join Caffissimo as we expand even further throughout WA. So if you're passionate about coffee, serious about excellent customer service and are looking to invest in a business with a proven track record - Caffissimo could be your perfect business match.

Coffee lovers have already followed their noses to Caffissimo in Perth's CBD, St Georges Terrace including: Caffissimo 256, Floreat Forum, West Perth and many more locations. Now the discerning business person can also enjoy what Caffissimo offers.